Burger Vs Broccoli: Why is the human soul required?

A brain is a machine. For a given input, it gives an output.

When your stomach growls, you eat.

This machine can be trained to change the output for a given input.

A baby reacts to hunger by crying. A five year old will ask for food. You would probably work your magic in the kitchen anticipating hunger long before the body shows any signs of it. Not to forget people who might be hangry sometimes i.e., someone who’s angry because she/ he is hungry.

If this is a trainable machine, does it mean one can train it to exactly how it wants it to work? A fit person is the one who has trained the brain to relish in eating healthy food. A person who trains the brain to eat fast food everytime they are hungry, will eventually end up being not-fit.

A calm person has trained his brain to not react when things go down to hell. Stressed people just keep on running on the treadmill.

But we all know people who have become calmer and fitter over the years. And people who have become fatter and more stressed over time.

How exactly does this transformation occur? How do people with bad eating habits convert them into good habits? Does recording reel with transformation music help one get six pack abs?

The answer is your soul.

The brain identifies that burger makes the body fat. But a fat body is not good for living a life — this decision is made by the soul.

This begs the question, is every decision is made by the soul?

The simple answer is no. The soul trains the brain to make a particular choice based on patterns.

When hungry, you are faced with two choices — fast food or healthy home made food. Now there are a lot of variables to take into account. Where is the body? How hungry is the body? How much money in the bank account? etc. Getting the answer with all these variables in the equation is done by the brain. But, it may be biased towards fast food and hence let it win. The soul would see the answer and then decide whether it wants to go with it or not. If yes, the body is eating fast food. If no, the body is eating healthy food. But sometimes, the brain is just not in the control of the soul, is it?

Let’s introduce power into the equation. The soul overpowers the brain and treat the body with some bananas. Next time, the brain overpowers the soul and continue to feed burgers to the body.

The brain is being trained in both the situation. It is either being trained to continue its bias towards burger and fries. Or it is being trained to not eat the burger everytime the body is hungry.

Consider another scenario: the body feels fear in a group meeting. The brain freezes the body. The soul wants to act over the fear and speak.It starts acting. Initially it fails and blurts out gibberish. The brain discourages the body and the soul from acting. The soul does not give up. Slowly, with practice, the brain stops working against the soul and starts giving suggestions for the meeting. Eventually, the body wont fear in those situations any more. And the brain will work by sharing connection between the facts it has gathered over the years, relevant to the topic of discussion.

Sometimes, training takes a month. Sometimes, training takes a lifetime.

The soul is responsible for the change in one’s life. Would that mean soul doesn't necessarily has to be inside the human body? Is it a force that sometimes is in the body. Sometimes, it is an event? Sometimes, it is another human being?

PS: Can you guess why you have voices in your head?

The chatter in my brain. But organised.